In the next afternoon, on nineteenth of October, the family holiday was replaced by the state: the Empire celebrated the
seventy sixth birthday of the Divine emperor. According to tradition, solemn reception in the Palatinsky palace has taken
place in second half of day, and in the morning Victor V has read throne speech to the Big Consistory - so general meeting of
ministers, senators, members of Sacred Curia, plebeian delegates and arhontov twelve imperial provinces was called. Among
visitors there were narbonnskie Gauls. In speech which for August Sofia has written Justina, last achievements of Empire
Bogohranimoj were marked, was told about intention of the Government of Its Divine Majesty and henceforth to develop
friendship with the people subject to Empire, and also resolutely to eradicate all heresy.
Having listened to speech of Lord Ojkumeny and poprisutstvovav on evening reception on nineteenth of October, Krun
with children and retinue has left on twentieth of October from kosmopolisa; together with it, certainly, have left both Victor
Longin, and Doroteja Martsellina, and promised by Sofia Justinoj doctors with geologists - those and others, by the way, have
been disguised under missionaries, - and missionaries the presents, into whose problem entered to set the dark people of
duke Kruna on the right track True Belief.
To Narbonnsky Gallia different ways other useful people in the business have directed: spies, grabbers, colonists, and it is
simple adventurers. The certain shade usually patronising this brave brotherhood, it is rare when was mistaken; now it
whispered, what exactly here, in Narbonnsky Gallia, is planned game in a large way.
Interlude the first in which the senator of Amorijsky empire and its niece bring an intermediate result to the intrigues 148th
Year of the Chimera (1785), on October, 22nd, Temisija, a palace of Big Kvirinal, Chamber Sfinksa42-... The Dearest niece, I
have tested unusual pleasure and pride when has learnt about the decision of Its Divine Majesty to appropriate to you a rank
logofeta and to appoint you the new minister of colonies.
- The dearest uncle, today you are very kind. Yes you will know, I have accepted the appointment mentioned by you is
unique from aspiration to help my father in foreign affairs...
- In what you fairly are considered as the unsurpassed artist; to take though your impressing triumph in Narbonnsky Gallia.
- Ah, the lovely uncle, you flatter me! - at all, darling Sofi.
- You, the uncle, modesty: I know that without you...
- Well, leave! I have only taken advantage of fruits of your game.
- We have played it together, the favourite uncle.
- About, really I hear it?! I am happy! You at last have understood: we are created for each other, darling Sofi! - For the
sake of the creator and all great avatarov, the uncle, - really you do not see, how I redden?! - I see pink perfection - and let
Venus envies you! - aha, now you, the uncle, have desired, that the jealous goddess vrazhdoju has blazed to me?! Hm, it in
your spirit! - at all, darling Sofi. As you know, I am ready to substitute a breast, that its blows to you on myself to accept! - here
is how, a breast? I would prefer yours mind and your communications, the lovely uncle.